Love is authentic only when it gives freedom


Manifest RELATIONSHIP full of generosity,
compassion, kindness, connection and trust


Are you sick of attracting wrong person?

Are you tired of being with someone who acts like a child?

Or maybe you are already in a relationship and yet something is missing and you don’t know how to change it?

If you resonate with this at all, then maybe you find yourself tired and frustrated at putting so much effort in, and wondering how you can be with the partner who can accompany you on this journey, through life and your desires.

You're not alone. And I know where you're at. This was me 6 years ago... finding a partner who has a desire to take care and at the same time fully respects me wasn’t easy for me and I sure had challenges of my own... just like you do now. Once I was in a relationship it was still hard to me to fully believe he is the one.

I now teach people what I WISH I knew 6 years ago, that would have saved me so much effort, anxiety and pain. Here's what they learn:

  • Find the best matching partner
  • Experience fulfilment and joy in a relationships
  • Create the ideal relationship
Relationship coaching

If you'd like to find out what is the SECRET of deep loving RELATIONSHIP then click below to register for the WORKSHOP.

Lapis evolution

Lapis comes from high vibration crystal Lapis Lazuli. It is a stone which harmonises the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The crystal resonates with the vibrational energy of truth and enlightenment. lt brings objectivity, clarity and encourages creative thought. It helps to confront truth and works through by expressing own opinions, and harmonises conflicts. Lapis reveals inner truth, encourages self awareness and allows self expression without holding back or compromising.

One-on-one coaching session

My work (like Lapis) is to guide you through your personal journey of evolution by recognising the highest intention and purpose. Personal evolution is a choice that benefits you the most in mind, body and spirit. You can't decide how to make such ideal choices using only your intellect. Only awareness knows what is good for awareness. In my work I help to generate new possibilities, values and beliefs that serve you. Recognise and dissolve old patterns, limiting beliefs which are not effective and design a new functional strategy. You would be able to express your feelings, emotions effortlessly and discover how to be free in healthy and deep relationship.

Relationship coaching - services

With Lapis Evolution your truth, beliefs and perspectives evolve with each experience.

Success Package

Advanced Relationship program

6 coaching sessions over three months

  • Identify core needs and connect with the deepest desires
  • Create vision and purpose for your life
  • Release an emotional baggage
  • Make a space for new integration with yourself
  • Access to online community

Gold Package

Master Relationship program

10 coaching sessions over six months

  • Let go of old patterns through a specific process creating deep transformation
  • Embed new bahaviours & rituals to live your dream
  • Discover the truth about Relationships
  • Access to online community
  • Your Ultimate membership

Platinium Package

The Ultimate Relationship program

15 coaching sessions over nine months

  • This program was made for you to create beautiful gift which is deep love and intimacy with your partner. It was made to be and experience unconditional love
  • Find out about the deep and real connection and communication
  • Master the most powerful mind
  • Connect to your Burning Desire
  • Access to online community
  • Your Ultimate membership


How to DISCOVER the SECRET of deep and loving RELATIONSHIP?


Having Kinga as my coach has been such a blessing. I went to her because I was feeling lonely without a relationship and what I got was so much more. From the very beginning she made me feel comfortable so I could really open up and I could see she was fully committed to helping me. What I loved was that she helped me create a strong relationship with myself and to trust in myself which had actually been holding me back in all my relationships. Now my relationships with my family are improving and I have a lot more clarity, confidence and excitement around meeting that special person thanks to Kinga.

Jay Palese

I found Kinga at a time when I was stuck and finding it difficult to move forward in my life. I was having difficulty with relationships and particularly with myself. It was difficult at first but Kinga’s calm non judgmental approach created the confidence l needed to express myself. She was able to identify the key issue and support me to make effective changes. Since having coaching with Kinga l have more self confidence in decision making and am improving my relationships. I am no longer held back by unresolved emotions and feel freedom to choose a new direction for my life. Thanks again for all you have done for me Kinga.

Wendy Rushton, Registered Nurse

I’ve had the privilege of being coached by Kinga Piwowarczyk recently. I’ve needed a lot of help working through personal challenges, in particular my relationships. Kinga is a professional coach who serves with genuine love, care and respect. She has led me to explore areas I did not expect and know I realise how much I needed that gentle guiding hand to get there. I have felt safe and challenged in a way I absolutely needed and I am so grateful for that. Kinga has provided the most beautiful gift of service and love. For anyone who seeks clarity about why things may not be working and is committed to making a real change, I urge you to take the opportunity to work with Kinga. She is truly magnificent at what she does. I could not recommend her highly enough. I am truly grateful to have connected with her, to work with her and learn from her. It is an absolute pleasure to know Kinga and to have been coached by her.

Bridie Larkins, Teacher

As a result of having life coaching sessions with Kinga, I’ve been able to connect to myself more, have great trust in my own intuition, as well as develop greater clarity into my values (e.g. being expressive and authentic) in life. She has also supported me to work through some difficult emotions. Kinga is warm, friendly and very engaging. She is easy to talk to and always has useful exercises and resources to provide both during, and in between sessions. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Kinga and benefited greatly from them too. I would definitely recommend her to anyone else who needs support, guidance and looking for to experience life on a new level of freedom and truth.

Shamta Kumar

About Kinga

As an ambitious twenty year old living in Poland, Kinga began to study Finance and work at one of the biggest financial international companies. She worked hard in many different industries; Automotive, Finance, Gas and Oil. She helped launch the expansion of a large Energy company and was quickly promoted into a management position.

Kinga completed her Bachelor degree in Finance and Banking as well as Masters in Management, Communication and Public Relations. After seven years of intense growth she hit a wall. A serious health crisis inspired her to move in a new direction.

After relocating to Australia, Kinga completed Certifications in Tourism and Life Coaching including Meta Dynamic. Those experiences and travelling helped her to gain confidence and great insight into whom she is, how to connect deeply with others and inspire them to become the greatest version of themselves.

This was a massive turning point in Kinga’s career, as she now works as a life coach and relationship mentor - facilitating complete transformation for clients. Kinga received outstanding training from The Coaching Institute and one of the world’s most renowned facilitators - Robert Kirby. Through evolution she has designed her own unique style. Her greatest achievement however is her healthy and happy 10 year relationship with her husband.

Kinga’s modern approach to life is based on freedom of choice, clear vision and strategic thinking. Her highly positive non-judgemental personality and patience make clients feel comfortable and willing to confront the root of their challenges very quickly.

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Kinga Piwowarczyk certificate
Kinga Piwowarczyk certificate
Kinga Piwowarczyk certificate
Kinga Piwowarczyk certificate


Kinga Piwowarczyk

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